Apple Promises New Parental Controls

Smartphone addiction is no joke. I love my smartphone (probably too much) and I don’t think I’m alone. My kids have phones, and they love their phones (probably too much).

I’m a tech guy, but I can’t imagine that my family is that different than most other families at this point.

For some of tech’s youngest users, this smartphone addiction is just a normal part of their existence. That’s dangerous, and it could have long-term societal ramifications.

Big tech companies, especially manufacturers of the products that have created the tech that lead to this new “normal,” probably aren’t the most likely candidates to reverse this addiction trend… but at least they say they’re thinking about it.

In a response to some of their major shareholders, Apple has announced that it will be beefing up their parental controls – and this in an effort to help curb children smart device addiction.

I hope they do, and I hope that other device and software manufacturers join them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to check the 15 notifications I received on my phone as I was writing this story.


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