Google Removes Brutal Malware From Play Store

Google removed more malware from the Play Store last week. That’s a weekly event, and it’s usually not news. This time, however, felt the need to bring it up, because this malware was brutal.

They took 60+ applications off after security researchers found that these apps not only contained malware, but displayed pornographic ads and attempted to get users to sign up for premium services.

Hope they caught it all!

Parents: These news items always serve as a great reminder. If your family has phones / tablets / etc… please pay attention to downloads. Make sure to only download applications that look and feel legit.

Kids are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. Bad guys know that kids are looking for free content and don’t necessarily possess the ability to judge between legit and questionable apps. Parents can help alleviate these issues just by paying attention and being a part of kids’ digital lives.

Stay safe out there.


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