Interesting: How We’re Using Streaming Services

Quartz has published a pretty interesting article about how we’re using streaming services.

1) 18-24 year old’s media consumption is different than older folk’s. Not a surprise…. but the percentages did astonish me. Much more online content than “traditional” content.

2) Original content seems to be paying off for the Big 3 – Netflix, Prime, and Hulu – but it also looks like each of these may be settling into their sweet spots. We’ll see. Things change fast in this new world.

From a security standpoint: #1 is not that big a surprise, but it isn’t optimal. Online video doesn’t have the same privacy, security, rating scrutiny as content from traditional / new media outlets. YouTube is awesome, for example, but it also has some well-publicized filtering issues.

As consumption habits continue to shift, here’s hoping that new media and old media can make the shift in a safe, privacy-focused way.



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