From the “No-Duh” Department: Screen-Addicted Teens Aren’t Happy

File this under, “Water is wet.” Researchers at San Diego State University have published a report that shows:

  • The happiest teens use screens the least
  • Teens that engaged in real-world activities are happier
  • Unhappiness rises as screen time increases

Parents out there, not a surprise, is it.

In fact, let me say HUMANS out there, no surprise.

For, although this study is directed at teens, the principles are the same. Our phones are wonderful portals to virtual worlds, but too much of anything (especially anything that takes focus away from the real world) is a bad thing.

Here’s a great moral from the study’s publisher:

“The key to digital media use and happiness is limited use,” Twenge said. “Aim to spend no more than two hours a day on digital media, and try to increase the amount of time you spend seeing friends face-to-face and exercising — two activities reliably linked to greater happiness.”

Stay safe and relatively addiction free out there!



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