Ok, This One Is Legit Scary: Fitness App Gives Away Military Secret Base Positions

Normally I try to avoid fear mongering. Not the purpose of this site. However, sometimes a legitimately scary story comes along and I feel like I need to report.

In this case, it’s the story of a well-known and widely-used fitness app, Strava, that military folks have been using (and you might have been using) to track fitness regimens.

The issue here is their heatmap feature. It’s not all that secure, and it does a great job of mapping running routines.

When you combine great location data and insecurity, you have something pretty awful. Here’s an app that has been used to map locations of a secret Syrian military base.

Op Sec issues abound.

Why bring up a military issue on a home and personal security site? Well, if you’re using apps like Strava, just know that you’re also doing a great job of mapping out your routine, your location, and your likes and dislikes.

In short, apps like these are awesome, and powerful, and a little scary. User beware, I guess.

If any of you are worried about stalking, location security, etc, please consider either turning off location data (you lose a few features, but it may be worth it), or sticking to old school tracking until app developers start building apps with security in mind.

Stay safe out there.



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