The Center For Humane Technology – Worth Checking Out!

Here’s something very interesting: The Center For Humane Technology was founded by concerned technologists. They feel like tech’s course needs to be corrected.

More interesting: More than a few of these technologists were responsible for bringing the world things like Google and Facebook.

Their stated goal is, “Reversing the digital attention crisis and realigning technology with humanity’s best interests.”

This is a big deal. And we should pay attention.

After reading through this site and their goals, it certainly makes me question my own tech usage. It also makes me want to look at my family’s habits and see about making changes.

For dead sure: I hope that this group succeeds, but I don’t believe waiting for companies like Facebook and Google (publicly traded companies who are beholden to Wall Street and need to show growth to continue to hook advertisers) to change is the right approach. The better approach is self regulation, family rules, and living a well-rounded life.

Stay safe, and relatively addiction free, out there.



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