A Quick Note About This Site

I know I haven’t posted much lately. There is a good reason.

I have a new job. I’m a security specialist for the largest security company in the world. And my new area is the whole US.

It’s a great job, but I’ve never been busier in my life. Tons of travel, tons of learning, and a massive amount of accounts.

I love this site, and plan to continue to update it whenever possible – with the eventual goal of making this site and an associated training company more of a full-time gig.

However, for now, the site takes something of a backseat to my day job.

I will continue to run this site, and I hope you’ll continue to follow. While I won’t be able to post as regularly as preferred, I promise to keep the relevant and useful information flowing when possible.

*** One request, especially since I’m not going to be shotgun posting again soon: If you have questions, topics you’d like to see, concerns, etc, please don’t wait for me to post. Please visit the website https://helpprotect.me/contact/ and let me know what you need.

Thanks for being a member of the community.


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