Behind the Site – Quick Q&A

Q: Who runs this site? A: An industry veteran (almost 20 years in high-tech). Background in security, data center, collaboration, networking. Has worked with or sold to hundreds of customers in segments ranging from public sector to commercial to service provider. And this industry vet has access to a very large group of experts. As this site and community grows, expect more experts to make a showing.

Q: OK, great… but how does that lead to a creation of this site? A: During the past decades, the author has been asked to run many church and community group Security Overviews, with the goals of demystifying current security issues, translating technobabble into normal terminology, and ultimately helping families stay safe-ish online. AND, over this time, he has also fielded a ton of 1:1 questions from family and friends about scams, hacks, fake news, and security basics. This site is a reaction to those questions and sessions.

Q: Got it – so what’s the rest of the site’s purpose? A: We live in a time of unprecedented technological growth and innovation. It’s an era where everything from our laptop to our toasters can be internet-connected. And yet, the tech industry has done a less-than-stellar job of making basic security concepts, terminology, and practices understandable and grasp-able (is that a word?) to non-tekky folks. This site is here to help, and to do so with a bit of humor. All with a better looking page than many public sector / non profit sites that still look like they were designed during the GeoCities era.

Q: Cool. I’m in. Now what if I belong to a Church or Community group and want to know more? A: Hit the contact button and let us know about your group. We can run classes ranging from a 1-2 hour family safety class to a 3 session class covering everything from security basics to social engineering. Can do these remotely anywhere in the US, or can do a live session if you’re in the Upper Midwest. Let’s talk.

Thanks for visiting. Bookmark, check often, and leave here safer than when you came here.