Group Training

The proprietor of is:

  • A father of 5
  • A 20 year tech industry vet
  • Active in many church and civic groups

For over a decade, because of the industry background and civic and family focus, he has been asked to provide customized cyber security trainings for groups ranging from 20-100+ people.

These real-talk (not geek speak) sessions cover the following:

  • Personal information safety
  • Bullying and other online mental health threats
  • Family internet security – tips and tools
  • Social media awareness
  • Balancing between online security and freedom

And – they also give people a chance to ask questions in a safe group environment.

If you are a member of a church or community group (schools, parent associations, etc) or a small business owner who would like to provide a valuable service to your employees, contact us for pricing and availability

We offer:

  1. Regular virtual training sessions, delivered via Slack (or other online meeting service)
  2. One-time live sessions (travel dependent)
  3. Regular business updates for small businesses who are concerned for company and / or employee cyber safety (either live or remote)

Pricing varies based on need. Please contact us for details.